Bexley councilmember blasted for "bullying, menacing" outbursts


A Bexley City Councilmember is apologizing after being accused of bullying, intimidating and aggressive behavior.

Members of the city council and the public say Tim Madison has a pattern of abusive behavior, including physically accosting a citizen who criticized him.

At Tuesday's Bexley City Council Meeting, Councilmember Tim Madison issued a series of apologies.

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"I have privately apologized many times over the last couple of years, and would like to use this opportunity to publicly apologize to colleagues and fellow residents," he said.

The incident leading to the apology was a November 13 confrontation caught on City Hall cameras.

A citizen had just spoken on legislation in front of the council.

Madison followed the man into the parking lot, and according to the man, got "chest to chest with him and about six inches from his face."

The man says Madison repeatedly "called him a gutless troll."

The man says when he tried to go back into City Hall to report what happened, Madison physically blocked him.

Here's how a witness described it:

"I was not only shocked, I was scared when I witnessed this event."

"I appreciate and understand that my addressing the resident outside of City Hall was inappropriate and could have the unintended consequence of chilling resident participation at Council," Madison said. "For that, I apologize to City Council. the City of Bexley and Bexley residents. Name-calling is inappropriate, and for that, I also apologize."

Madison's apology only came after his bad behavior was the focus of two previous council meetings, and an investigation by the City Attorney.

Numerous Council members have publicly called out Madison for his behavior.

"Within minutes of my being elected last fall, Mr. Madison came up to me, shook his finger in my face and said 'you are a nasty woman and you have run a horrible, horrible campaign.' My only response to him was that I looked forward to working with him on the council, to which he shouted to a crowd of 30 folks, including my children, his daughter, and other community leaders, that he did not look forward to working with me," said Councilmember Monique Lampke.

There was another confrontation with Council President on November 27.

Councilmember Steve Keyes characterized Madison's behavior as "bullying, harassing and menacing and intimidating. It's unacceptable for a city official."

Madison says he'll do better.

"I'm committed to growing from this experience and becoming a better Councilmember and person," he said.

The Bexley City Council voted to make the City Attorney's report on Madison public. You can read it for yourself by clicking here.

The Council has not yet decided what discipline, if any, Madison will receive.