Batter up! Commit to be Fit and clean up the community

Volunteers picking up trash around Columbus (10TV)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (10TV) - Committing to be fit and helping the community can go hand-in-hand. For those with a competitive edge, the opportunity is here with the Columbus Litter League.

The Columbus Litter League is a baseball-themed, competitive initiative to clean up city neighborhoods.

Teams made up of neighborhood groups, faith organizations, civic organizations or individuals can participate in community cleanups, then send their data in for scoring.

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The community improvement program, Keep Columbus Beautiful, will pick the most heavily littered areas around Columbus and assign each team an area to clean up twice a month.

Opening Day is May 18 and will include an All American Ballpark Lunch. The season runs through Aug. 24.

Points are earned based on number of bags filled and can be tracked on the Litter League website.

Click here for more information about the initiative.

Register for the Columbus Litter League here.