Bandits Break Into Minerva Park Homes, Leave Mess For Homeowners


Police in Minerva Park said that someone is breaking into homes, stealing property and leaving a mess behind.

Bill and Leslie Yavorsky said that they came home one night to find their home in shambles.

The family said that someone broke through the garage door to get inside, and then went wild.

“All your closets, your drawers, everything flung everywhere, the mattresses were tossed,” Leslie Yavorsky said. “There was food in our dog's water bowl.”

In the end, the crooks got away with electronics and irreplaceable family mementos.

“It was devastating, absolutely devastating,” Leslie Yavorsky said.

A similar crime occurred at Kelly Lobdell’s house.

“They basically ransacked the whole house, opened drawers, clothes everywhere, papers everywhere,” Lobdell said.

Police said that the burglaries seemed to occur during the day, when residents were away.

Around the same time as one of these break-ins, a resident spotted a suspect outside one of the homes carrying a bag.

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