Baby giraffe born at Columbus Zoo

Baby Giraffe - Credit Columbus Zoo

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium welcomed a new baby giraffe Tuesday morning.

In July, the zoo announced two giraffe calves were expected to be born at the end of summer.

8-year-old Zuri and 6-year-old Cami were both expecting. Zuri came to Columbus in 2013 after being at The Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio,

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She gave birth to her calf overnight, however the sex of the calve is not yet known.

These will be the first giraffe births at the Columbus Zoo in nearly 20 years. The last calf was born in 1999. They are expected to weigh anywhere from 100 to 150 pounds and be around 6 feet tall.

WATCH the giraffes LIVE from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (Credit: National Geographic)

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