Baby found covered in ants on floor of minivan during Kentucky traffic stop

Rebecca Jean Fultz (left) and Charolotte J. Simpson (right). (Laurel County Sheriff’s Office)

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (KBMT) — A newborn's mother and grandmother were arrested Thursday night in Kentucky after authorities found a 16-day-old baby on the floor and covered in ants inside a minivan that was covered in trash, KBMT reports.

The Laurel County Sheriff's Office said they made the discovery during a traffic stop about two miles north of London, Kentucky.

When deputies pulled them over, they learned both the women had outstanding bench warrants.

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The Sheriff's Office said the passenger and baby's mother, 32-year-old Rebecca Jean Fultz, refused to get out of the van and had to be removed.

Authorities said they were then told there was a baby inside the van, but couldn't find the child because it wasn't in the car seat. Deputies eventually found the newborn lying on the floor between the two front seats. There were also ants crawling on the child, who was having trouble breathing and had a soiled diaper, deputies said.

According to the sheriff''s office, there was trash and debris all over the minivan, including a flat screen TV which could've "easily been thrown about in the vehicle during a sudden stop."

The baby was rushed to a local hospital and was treated for dehydration.

Fultz, the baby's mother, was arrested on multiple charges including first degree criminal child abuse, resisting arrest and menacing. The child's grandmother, 69-year-old Charolotte Simpson, was also arrested on multiple charges including first degree criminal child abuse.

The sheriff's office said social services was called to place the infant upon release from the hospital. The infant's condition has improved since being treated,