Authorities Searching For Howler Monkey In Minerva Park


Authorities are searching for a loose howler monkey spotted by a police officer in Minerva Park.

Minerva Park Police Chief Kim Nuesse said that an officer spotted the monkey at 11 a.m. in the area of the 2800 block of Lakewood Drive.

The officer attempted to get a photo of the monkey with his body camera but the animal took off before he could.

The Department of Agriculture was notified and have agents in the area searching for the monkey.

Just cruise up Lakewood Drive in the Minerva Park area and you'll notice an uneasiness by the residents.   Some are enjoying the humor of it all.  We even found a stuff monkey hanging from a tree.    But others are looking up to the trees, looking into the woods and wondering if this monkey will surface again.   

For Chinese immigrant Jack Lin, there's something special about this ordeal.    Monday is the Chinese New Year....and it's the Year of the Monkey.   "Yeah it's a good sign, but you know, I don't what my kids to go around them if they're aggressive."

Minerva Park Police said if you see this animal, do not approach it. They said these animals are afraid of people but can be territorial.

If anyone spots the animal, please call 614-525-3333.

There has been a reported spotting of a monkey in the 2800 block of Lakewood Dr. Based on the description and having...

Posted by Minerva Park Police Dept. on Thursday, February 4, 2016