Authorities break down the top crimes in central Ohio suburbs during the winter


All this week, our CrimeTracker 10 team has been digging into the top winter crimes in the city of Columbus.

  • Theft
  • Car break-ins
  • Criminal Damaging
  • Domestic Violence

Miles away from the traffic of downtown Columbus, where lawns are finely manicured and there are miles of picket fences, people move to these suburban neighborhoods to escape crime.

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In the winter months, places like Powell routinely see identity theft.

“Statistically it's the largest growing area of identify theft,” said Tabatha Tomlinson, a master tax advisor with H&R Block.

In the city of Powell, there were 55 tax fraud cases in 2015. Through education, the city says it has been able to cut down on those numbers, but identity theft continues to be one of the top three crimes in Powell for the last few years. Tomlinson says there are ways to protect yourself.

“File as soon as you can, even if you are not required to file,” Tomlinson said.

Thieves in the normally quiet community of Bexley have targeted homes and businesses. Break-ins and burglaries are among the top three winter crimes year after year.

The police chief says break-ins and burglaries are following the downward trend, like most crimes as a whole. He adds residents need to continue to be vigilant to protect themselves and their property.

New Albany, like most communities across the country, has been hit by the opioid crisis. Police there explain to CrimeTracker 10 that most of the drug arrests come from traffic stops.

“During the day, we have about 25,000 people in our city due to traffic and things our officers are seeing. Our officers are making more and more traffic stops,” said Detective Kevin Deckop with New Albany police.

Also, they have a new officer who is credited for helping with a lot of those drug arrests. K-9 Amigo was brought on to sniff out crime in 2018.

“We have a lot of U.S. routes and state routes that go through and around our town. With that, with the increased traffic, is what causes us to make those increased stops,” Deckop said.

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