Attorneys Allegedly Spied On E-Mails In Canceled Sting Investigation


The Ohio Department of Public Safety on Wednesday night ousted two attorneys for snooping into e-mails related to a canceled sting at the governor's residence.

Thomas Stickrath, director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, fired the agency's former top attorney, Joshua Engel, and accepted staff attorney Pam Bolton's resignation, after authorities uncovered that e-mails were being intercepted, 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported.

Stickrath said that Engel arranged for he and Bolton to receive copies of any e-mails employees sent to the state inspector general or the Columbus Dispatch.

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"I think it looks to me like snooping," Stickrath said. "And it's not something I think that we should be doing in government. We have plenty else to do other than worry about that."

Stickrath had the Ohio State Highway Patrol seize four computers on Tuesday as part of the investigation, Aker reported.

City and county prosecutors are looking into the case, along with the Ohio Ethics Commission.

On Wednesday, Engel's attorney said the probe into the computer was a continuation of an old investigation and that he had been cleared by the Disciplinary Counsel, which is charge of ethical issues for lawyers, Aker reported.

10 Investigates was the first to report that high-ranking state officials canceled an operation aimed at stopping what investigators believed was a drug drop for inmates on work detail at the Governor's Residence.

An investigation into the matter ultimately ousted former Director of Public Safety, Cathy Collins-Taylor, and led to several allegations against Engel, 10 Investigates reported.

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