Attorneys allege Mount Carmel patient received “paralytic” drugs prior to fatal dose


COLUMBUS — Attorneys representing the last Mount Carmel patient cared for by Dr. William Husel now allege that she was given “paralytic drugs” (Nimbex and Vecuronium) that would have rendered her “unconscious and incapable of neurological response” prior to being given a lethal dose of fentanyl.

Attorneys from the law firm of Leeseberg and Valentine allege the drugs were given “without any medical indication or justification.” They also allege “it appears this may have been done to create the appearance that the patient was comatose and unresponsive, in order to support recommendations that the family withdraw life support.”

“Shortly after the paralytics were given, and the family was informed Ms. Penix was “brain dead,” the family agreed to withdraw life support. At that point, Dr. Husel administered 2000 mcg of Fentanyl and 10 mg of Versed through an IV push, causing the patient’s death within 5 minutes,” a statement for the law firm said.

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The law firm says it continues to review the records of all patients, to determine if similar actions occurred in those cases.

Richard Blake, Husel’s Attorney, told 10 Investigates that “I have not had an opportunity to review these medical records and I am unable to comment.”

A spokeswoman for the hospital said she could not legally comment on patient information.

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