Attorneys for family of 13-year-old shot by police want outside investigation


The family of the 13-year-old boy killed by a Columbus Police officer has hired a law firm to represent them in his shooting death.

Attorneys Sean Walton and Chanda Brown want an outside agency, independent of the Columbus Police Department, to investigate the death of Tyre King.

They said they are skeptical about early details of the shooting involving Officer Bryan Mason.

They’re also unhappy with the way police showed a picture of a replica of the gun during a news conference.

“That’s not actually the gun, it’s a picture of the gun,” Walton said. “Ultimately, what does that picture of the gun do? All it does is incite people.”

Walton says the image is prejudicial and creates a picture of the teenager as a thug.

“All it does is provide that narrative that Tyre was a criminal,” Walton said. “That Tyre had a toy gun that looked like a real gun. That’s not what’s at issue here. What’s at issue here is what led up to the shooting. What led up to this 13-year-old child losing his life?”

Walton and Brown, who say they’ve represented 10 victims of what they call excessive force by police, want an independent investigation.

“The family has different accounts of what happened that night which we’re still verifying,” Brown said. “So we’re not ready share all those statements, but from what those we’ve talked to, there’s differing accounts. Different accounts from what the police department is presenting.”

Walton and Brown say some witness accounts call into question whether Tyre was even involved in the robbery on E. Broad Street. They say at this point it’s only an allegation, not a fact.

They expect the investigation into the shooting to last at least 10 months.

You can view both parts of the interview with Walton and Brown below.

Part 1

Part 2

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