Attorney: Franklin County judge suffered concussion prior to her arrest


Franklin County Judge Monica Hawkins' attorney issued a statement on her behalf following her OVI arrest last week, saying she "suffered a serious concussion and has bruising on her face, head and torso."

The judge was arrested following a traffic stop in Pickerington Thursday night. Officers pulled her over after a caller said she was driving erratically.

Once off the road, police say she struggled to complete her field sobriety test and later refused to give a blood draw before she had to be held down for one.

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Brad Koffel, Hawkins' attorney, released this statement Wednesday:

“Monica Hawkins is recovering from multiple injuries sustained hours prior to her arrest from which she has no recollection. She suffered a serious concussion and has bruising on her face, head and torso. She has very little recall of the entire evening. We are still investigating the several unaccounted for hours leading up to her arrest. The behavior exhibited on the video is bizarre and completely uncharacteristic of her 54 years of life. She is extremely grateful that the other motorist called for assistance and no other motorists were involved.”