Athlete learns new way to stay active after accident


PLAIN CITY, Ohio - A freak accident on the ski slopes of Colorado last year left Greg McCrabb paralyzed from the waist down.

“I’ve skied my entire life, but for some reason, on that day I took an unfortunate spill. I ended up upside down, sort of doing a piledriver and fractured my ninth thoracic vertebrae which unfortunately paralyzed me apparently for life,” he said.

Before the accident, Greg was extremely active. Not only did he ski, but he loved to run and bike. He competed in marathons and triathlons.

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Life has changed for Greg, but he’s learned to adapt. He still has the same drive and determination to stay active and competitive.

How does he do it?

“Just keeping your eyes on the horizon and planning for the next activity and staying after it, just pushing for the next goal,” he says.

Right now, he’s gearing up for this weekend’s “Emerald City Half Marathon” in Dublin.

“The racing wheelchair is new to me. I’ve done that race many, many times as an able-bodied person,” he said. “But, the wheelchair will be new.”

Tackling a race in a wheelchair may be new to Greg, but he handles it like a pro while training at Glacier Ridge Metro Park.

He says the exercise and the atmosphere has done as much for him mentally as it has physically.

“That dark hole is always there to sort of crawl into,” Greg says. “But it’s dark there and it’s damp and it’s no fun. So, you might as well go get active and be around friends and family and exercise.”

His commitment to staying fit and active is an inspiration.