Athens' iconic Burrito Buggy for sale

The iconic Burrito Buggy (image from for sale post)

ATHENS, Ohio -

Ask any Ohio University student or alumnus what they remember about their time at OU. Chances are, they'll mention the Burrito Buggy.

Situated at the corner of Court and Union Streets in Athens, Ohio, the Burrito Buggy has been a late-night food staple since 1984. Now, it's for sale.

According to the listing on the Burrito Buggy's official Facebook page, the sale price of $65,000 cash (plus a $72,000 land contract option with 50% down) includes the bright orange and yellow Burrito Buggy trailer itself, a 1999 Ford Econoline van to haul it, rights to the Burrito Buggy name, website, recipes and more. The post has been shared numerous times on various Ohio University student and alumni groups on social media, with the hopes that someone will step forward to keep this treasured OU tradition alive.