Ashville man started collection of Star Wars toys in 1978


Forty-six-year-old Gary Swingle of Ashville loves Star Wars.

He has been collecting Star Wars toys since 1978. He has no idea how many toys he has but it is certainly in the thousands and he proudly has them on display in his basement.

Swingle describes his passion this way: “I just fell in love with it when the toys first came out. When I was a kid that is all I wanted for Christmas.”

I don't know about you but the toys I had growing up were pretty much destroyed. Gary, on the other hand, took care of his toys.

“On Christmas day I remember my mom would clean off the laundry table and let me set the stuff up,” Swingle said. “I did not take my toys outside and fly the ship into a wall or nothing. I look at the basement now as Christmas day all over again."

There is no question the force has been with Gary. Not only did he take care of his toys growing up, he continues to collect today.

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