Arsonist Feared After West Columbus Home Goes Up In Flames For Third Time


A west Columbus has become the target of an arsonist, and it’s making neighbors in the area very uneasy.

This comes after a home on the 300 block of South Richardson Avenue caught fire for the third time in just over a month. 

Firefighters rushed early Thursday morning to a home they are now all too familiar with.

“Same house, three times: July 4th, then Tuesday, now tonight,” said puzzled Richardson Avenue resident Shon Jenkins.

The latest blaze was set intentionally, according to firefighters.  The fire spread quickly throughout the vacant home after the flames tore holes into floor.

Residents say they are concerned because there are so many empty homes along the street, including four-in-a-row.  They’re also on edge because they believe another vacant home will go up in flames, but this time around, it could spread to a home that isn't vacant.

Because of it, residents in the area are nervous.  “Nobody (is) going to be able to sleep with people setting these houses on fire, especially the same house,” worries Jenkins.

Investigators are continuing to look for clues, hoping someone will be held responsible.  They’re also looking closely on whether all three of the fires are connected to the same person.