Anti-Trump protesters block streets in Columbus


A crowd of about 200 anti-Trump protesters gathered in front of the Statehouse as things got a little heated between protesters and police.

It started off as very a small gathering in front of the Statehouse, and even as temperatures dipped to the freezing mark, more people came out to continue protesting a Donald Trump presidency.

“We want a president that's for the people, more than for the one-percent,” said Eric Bellomy.

Bellomy, who organized the protest says they have now made a list of demands.

“We know that Trump is going to be our president for the next four years, but we want to make sure that Columbus becomes hopefully a sanctuary city,” said Bellomy.

Meaning the city would not prosecute undocumented immigrants solely for violating immigration laws.

“We need to make our voices heard, it's not something you can just accept and say, okay , yeah I guess, like we're all going to hate each other now, because that's not how it works,” said Casey Rife.

Protesters say they won't stop until President-elect Donald Trump at least acknowledges their message.

Things got heated for a moment when protesters spilled onto High St. twice in the Short North

A heavy police presence remained during the march.

Police took at least two people into custody before protesters headed back to the statehouse.

“I just hope that Trump will acknowledge what we're doing and hopefully say that you guys do have a point, and that you guys do have a voice,” said Lia Drummond. “And I need to listen to everyone's opinions and not just my opinions.”