Animal Cruelty Officials Investigating After Cats Found Dead At Apartment Complex


An apartment complex maintenance worker said he was told to collect stray cats to turn them over to the humane society.

Neighbors said that the worker, instead of collecting the three cats, killed them and threw two of them over a balcony.

Investigators were on scene of the Brittany Hills Apartments, located on Brent Boulevard off Sullivant Avenue, on Thursday morning.

"Some are strays, some are pets. Everyone here in the courtyard, we all take care of them,” said Elishia Mullins.

But now neighbors said they found something that they said they will never forget.

"Three of the cats was bashed in. Me and my boyfriend went out back and seen two of them and we buried them,” said Mullins.

The area was cleaned but neighbors said at one point there was blood was all over the wall. And that there was a cage was right outside the door of Jacob Barr.

Barr is a maintenance worker at the complex who said management asked him to collect the cats.

“I was told to capture the cats and call the Humane Society to come pick them up,” he told WBNS-10TV.

But Barr said he did not kill them.

“Right here in front of the world, I did not do it!” he said.

Christopher O'Brien lives right below where the cats were found and said Barr is lying because he said he could hear Barr attacking them.

“I heard him slam the cats up against the wall and I heard them 'meowing' every time they hit,” said Christopher O’Brien.

Investigators with the Capital Area Humane Society are now looking into all of these claims as they try to figure out what happened and who is responsible.

"If you are going to catch them, take them then let them go somewhere.  Don't bash them against the wall until they are half dead and then throw them over a fence and hope they die,” said Mullins.

"I wasn't hurting them. I stuck them in the cage, and I was going to call for them to come and be picked up the proper way,” said Barr.

No charges have yet been filed in the case. The residents buried the dead cats, but investigators were forced to unearth them as part of the investigation.

The Capitol Area Humane Society is looking for witnesses to possible animal cruelty. If you have seen something, you’re asked to call them at (614) 777-7387 Ext. 250.

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