Anderson's Drug Store in Chillicothe shuts doors after 75 years of business


Anderson's Drug Store in Chillicothe has shut its doors after 75 years in business.

They have been in this location on East Main Street since 1986.

10TV spoke with former employees who said they are feeling mixed emotions.

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Another local pharmacist and independent drug store owner in Powell said it's heartbreaking to see them close.

Emlah Tubuo owns Powell Pharmacy, which opened at the end of last month. She said hearing this news, she wonders where independent pharmacies will stand in 5 to 10 years.

She feels it is not easy owning an independent drug store because of the reimbursement model. She said her competition controls thirty to forty percent of her reimbursement.

She said patients will bring in their prescriptions, she will submit it to a third party and will then get the money. However, she said the majority of the money goes to a third party person which often times owns some of the big chain pharmacies. That person gets to control how much she gets reimbursed.

That leads Tubuo to fear independent drug stores are decreasing because of the stability to own and work at one.

Holly Tong is a patient at Powell Pharmacy and gets medication for her daughter who has Crohn's disease. She said her daughter needs specific supplements and multi-vitamins. However, it's been a challenge to find the right ones in chain stores because her daughter has braces and most children's vitamins are not a gummy form.

She said finding Powell Pharmacy has been a blessing to her family. She mentioned her issue to Tubuo and didn't think much of it. Tubuo later called her and told her she made calls, did some research and formulated a medication just for Nadia.

Tong said that put tears in her eyes knowing a pharmacist took time to truly get to know her and her daughter's medical needs.

"While a big chain pharmacy, again — I think they’re very committed and compassionate — they often can’t be as nimble and as quick as an impendent might be able to be," Tong said.

The owner of Powell Pharmacy said she respects corporate pharmacies because she has worked in a few. Tubuo said to make clear, whether an independent pharmacist is working in a chain or not, they will always care about people's health.

She said there is a difference though in the two and the time that can be spent working with the patient.

Tubuo is hoping by carrying medication options that chain drug stores may not have and providing other specific services will help keep her business grounded. She hopes to see more independent drug stores coming in the market.