Amputee to run his first half marathon during Cap City


Like most runners training for the Cap City Half Marathon, James Lawson is putting in his last few runs. But James will certainly stand out among the rest of the crowd that's because he'll be wearing a running blade.

"I'm looking forward to what time I can do," Lawson says, "it took some time to withstand pressure, weight, friction, there's always issues you know."

How James lost his leg dates back to November 22, 2013, after an almost life ending car crash.

"I drove drunk the wrong way down the main highway in Columbus Ohio and hit a semi head-on. It was definitely life-changing," Lawson explains.

James calls it a blessing in disguise because he survived after hitting a semi head-on. His only visible injury, the loss of his leg, which he chose to amputate.

In 2018 his life changed again thanks to Amputee Blade Runners.

The non-profit gifted him a better walking leg and this blade that will allow James to run 13.1 miles with everyone else on two feet.

"Here I was using a walking leg getting with no return and then putting yourself in the blade is that much better," he says, "being able to catch up to my wife is a prime example."

Come Saturday, James hopes to run a 12 minute pace.

It's an accomplishment five years ago neither he nor his doctors could ever predict.

"Life's pretty good, life's great, I'm blessed," Lawson says.

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