Amish buggy with stereo system, beer pulled over by Ohio deputy

Trumbull County Sheriff's Office

TRUMBULL COUNTY, Ohio - Police are searching for two men who fled a traffic stop involving an Amish buggy equipped with a stereo system.

A deputy in Trumbull County reported seeing two Amish men drinking as they rode on the back of the buggy early Sunday. When the officer saw a 12-pack of Michelob Ultra on the back of the buggy, he tried to pull it over.

The men fled and ran off into the woods, while the horse continued to pull the buggy before eventually coming to a stop.

Upon investigating the buggy, the deputy found several open containers of alcohol and a "radio sound system" that included several large speakers. The deputy called out over his car's loudspeaker for the men to come forward, but no one emerged from the woods.

The buggy was towed and the horse is being cared for by a nearby resident until someone claims the animal.