Amber Evans' mom says daughter's disappearance doesn't add up


It's been one week since 28-year-old Amber Evans, a familiar face with the People's Justice Project, disappeared.

Her mother, Tonya Fischer, tells 10TV Amber left a work meeting at 5:30 p.m. last Monday, wasn’t feeling well and a receipt shows she bought cold medicine at 6:30 p.m.

At 8:07p.m., Tonya received a text from Amber, saying “I love you and I’m sorry.”

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With no response to texts after that, Tonya learned from Amber’s boyfriend the two had broken up that night and directed her to the Scioto River downtown as a place Amber may go.

That’s where Tonya found Amber’s car, her purse was locked in the trunk.

Tonya is a former mental health worker and firmly believes her daughter was not suicidal.

“There was no way she would have done and made something so final,” said Fischer. “I know what final looks like and this is not final.”

Police initially searched the area for Amber and found her phone but weather has halted the search for now.

The People's Justice project is holding space for Evans at 700 Bryden Road from 2 -7 p.m. this week for anyone in the community who needs it.