Alumni return to Fairfield Union High to join the Marching Falcons

More than 200 alumni packed the band room, Tuesday, at Fairfield Union High School. They are practicing for a performance, Friday. (Bryant Somerville 10TV News)

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Ohio — Like bell-bottoms and vinyl, history finds a way to repeat itself.

In some cases, the same goes for those who made them popular.

"I remember everything," Randy Hass said. "I remember how it's supposed to go, but I don't know if my hands can do it."

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Hass graduated from Fairfield Union High School in 1977. Beside him is James Comer, who graduated in 1978.

"I'm 59 years old and haven't carried a bass drum in 41 years," Comer said.

Neither of them have been in marching band for some time. The preparation to get back in the saddle was proactive.

"I took about four or five Advil," Comer said, laughing. "That'll get me through the practice."

Twyla Snyder-Baker is 70 and graduated in 1966.

"I'm feeling fine," she said. "I'll have to take some [medicine] when I get home."

She hasn't played her flute in more than 50 years and laughed at the thought of how "good" she might sound now playing it.

It's the first time the Fairfield Union Music Alumni Association has done this; bringing back past classes to once again be a part of the Marching Falcons at this Friday's home football game.

Members of the FUHS alumni marching band practice for their Friday show. (Bryant Somerville 10TV News)

"They got 260 some kids signed up for this band, coming from all over the country, Alaska, every place," Bob Trocchia said.

Trocchia is the man behind the marching. He started the program in 1962.

"All I was doing... I loved every minute of it," he said. "I loved the kids, I loved the competition. They loved it. They jumped on board."

This reunion has representation from all but four years dating back to 1966. He, himself, is 85 years young.

It's the same music, decades removed, with the same expectations.

"Some of the stuff they're playing for the post game stuff on Friday night is difficult stuff," Trocchia said.

But the group of former students didn't miss a beat to repeat history.

"When the chance came up to do this, I thought I might as well do it now while I'm healthy enough to do it," Comer said.

"I love this school," Hass said. "I just feel so grateful to Fairfield Union for bringing us all back together to meet all my old friends and meet new friends and make great memories."

The band rehearsed Tuesday night and will again, Thursday before Friday night's home football game at the high school. They will play both before and after the competition.

Alumni have traveled from different states like Alaska, California, Arizona, Florida, Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina to be a part of the celebration.