Alleged Strauss victims launch website aimed at holding Ohio State accountable


A group who's accused former Ohio State University Doctor Richard Strauss of sexual misconduct is taking action beyond the courtroom.

They are now launching a website to try to encourage state lawmakers to create legislation to give victims a legal right to compensation.

Brian Garrett, who says Strauss sexually assaulted him, says the university has filed to dismiss their lawsuit.

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“Have them hold Ohio State accountable since Ohio State does not seem to be able to do that themselves,” said Garrett. “Penn State and Michigan State both took accountability, it was painful, they went through the process, Michigan State’s going through the process, and Ohio State does not seem to be entertaining that idea at all.”

To check out the website, click here. Ohio State released the following statement:

We are deeply concerned for anyone who was affected by Richard Strauss’ actions several decades ago and remain steadfastly committed to uncovering the truth.

When the University of today received reports of sexual misconduct, we immediately and unambiguously took action to get to the truth and live up to one of our core values – that we do not tolerate sexual misconduct.

While we cannot discuss details of the ongoing independent investigation, we are grateful to those who have come forward and continue to encourage anyone with information about Strauss’ conduct to contact The identity of those who contact Perkins Coie will be treated with the utmost confidence and sensitivity permitted by law, and individuals may report anonymously if they wish.

A safe and healthy campus for our students and for all members of the university community is Ohio State’s top priority.