Alleged Attacker Accused Of Targeting Asian Women


A man was scheduled to be arraigned on Monday after he was arrested for allegedly attempting rape and kidnapping a woman earlier in August.

Columbus police tracked Farooq Ali Abbasi, 34, all the way to his home in Baltimore, Md., 10TV’s Glenn McEntyre reported.

Investigators said on Aug. 17 that Abbasi preyed on Asian women who spoke minimal English at a bus stop at the corner of Olentangy River Road and Harley Drive.

Police said Abbasi coerced two victims into his car on separate occasions.

During the first incident, police said Abbasi exposed himself to his victim.

Abbasi was accused of demanding sex and physically attacking his second victim.

That woman told police she fought Abbasi off and ran away.

Investigators traced the vehicle description and plate number to an east side home, McEntyre reported.

A woman at the home told police she let her landlord, who was from Baltimore, Md., use her car.

Abbasi was put behind bars in Franklin County and was charged with attempted rape and kidnapping.

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