The after-Christmas question: What to trash and what to recycle?


All the gifts are unwrapped and the boxes are empty. So, what do you do with all that paper and cardboard.

Dump it.

"Just try and get it all cleaned up for them so they can get ready for next year," Jason Dickson said.

Dickson has worked with Rumpke for nine years. Part of his job is post-Christmas pick-up.

He's used to the busy season.

"Just usually the first and second week after Christmas," he said. "Always."

Following the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, Dickson says, are the busiest of times for trash and recyclable pickups.

It's why a reminder is in line.

"This time of year we want to make sure that residents do not place in their recycling: batteries, Christmas lights, Styrofoam and plastic bags," Jonathan Kissell said.

Kissell has seen it before.

"These items can either cause damage or even put our employees or the motoring public at risk," he said.

Lithium batteries have been known to spark and catch fire if not disposed of properly.

Dickson says in his nine years, it's a constant: the confusion of what to recycle and what to trash. Another big question: When is pickup?

"As you can see, some of these houses' [canisters] aren't out," Dickson said. "So, then by next week they'll be back on schedule so we'll have a little extra then, as well."

Kissell says because of the holidays, pickup will be on a one-day delay for the next two weeks.

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