Additional Charges Against Man Accused Of Touching Women At Restaurant


Police filed more charges against a man accused of groping young women near and at the Ohio State University campus.
The lead detective on the case calls Lonnie Sturdivant a "menace to society."
Sturdivant was permanently banned from riding COTA busses, but police say he got on one in December.
Police say the driver of a COTA bus recognized the 56-year-old and called authorities.
"He was doing the same thing on COTA buses, so he's been banned from using COTA transportation," said Columbus Police Sergeant Terry McConnell.
Court records show Sturdivant has a lengthy criminal history dating back to the 1980's when he spent 25 years behind bars.
"He's just made a career out of sex crimes," said Sgt. McConnell.
Most recently, Columbus police detectives knew of at least three women, who were grabbed while at the Panera Bread just south of OSU's campus.
On Tuesday, Sgt. McConnell spoke with a fourth victim.

"She felt something touching her butt. She thought it might be a button or zipper from her coat, so she repositioned her coat. She felt it again. This time she completely moved her coat, and on the third time that she felt it, third or fourth time, she looked down and saw his hand on her butt," said Sgt. McConnell.
OSU police arrested Sturdivant over the weekend for allegedly inappropriately touching a student's back side at their main library. Police said an officer saw him touch the student. Police connected him to the cases at Panera after showing witnesses his picture.  
Now, police have a stern warning about Sturdivant.
"If he walks in a room, get up and leave because he's not somebody that I would feel safe having anybody that I know be around," said Sgt. McConnell.
Sturdivant remains in jail, awaiting a court date for the new charges related to the Panera incidents.