Academy Teaches Ghost Hunters How To Get Started


The number of groups investigating paranormal activity over the last several years shows that there is growing interest.

The Ohio Organization of Paranormal Studies runs an academy for the novice ghost hunter, from the setup to hopes of a sighting, 10TV’s Jeff Hogan reported.

“We guarantee nothing because we don’t know when paranormal activity is going to happen,” said Steve Powell, who leads OOPS.

A 100-year-old building that operates as a bookstore turns into a hot spot for brushes with the afterlife.

On the night that Hogan visited, he met Kim Toy, who was on her second ghost hunt.  She said that although she is not a 100 percent believer, she is not a skeptic either.

“There are a multitude of explanations for the bumps in the night,” Toy said.  “I’m all about finding the explanation if we've eliminated all the possibilities, then we're left with the paranormal.”

Those who attend the academy select areas that would be placed under surveillance, when every angle is covered with items such as electronic voice phenomenon recorders and infrared videotape.  Investigators then disappear into the darkness and monitors come to life.  Then, the search for life beyond the living is on.

One by one, investigators occupied areas and summoned supernatural activity.

Toy wasted no time heading for a specific hallway.  The hallway is the same location where a man who works at the building claimed he was twice grabbed by the shoulders and thrown down on a bench.  He named the character Oscar.

A flashlight on the arm of the bench was off and turned on for no apparent reason, Hogan reported.

“I think it caught me off guard,” Toy said.  “Strange things happen.”

She said it was just strange enough to bring her back for more.