AAA outlines steps for safe driving in the snow


AAA Ohio is sharing safety tips and reminders for driving in wintry weather.

"When there’s snow and ice on the ground, you have to drive slow," said Kimberly Schwind, public relations manager for AAA Ohio Auto Club. "You’re going to have to drive differently in these conditions than you would on dry pavement."

Schwind joined 10TV in an empty parking lot to demonstrate safe driving practices in snow and ice.

1. Lay off the pedals
"Imagine that you have either eggs or bananas or something under your gas pedal and you want to be very gentle on the gas and on the break," said Schwind.

2. If your car begins to slide, don't over correct yourself
"Take your foot off of the gas, keep it off of the brake and turn to where you want to go," she said.

3. Give yourself plenty of room to stop
"[People] underestimate the amount of time it's going to take them to stop on slick roads," Schwind said. "Give yourself plenty of stopping distance, break a little bit earlier than you would and break softly."

It is also important to check your tires, keep at least a half tank of gas and never drive in winter conditions while tired.