AAA: ‘100 deadliest days’ for teen drivers begins


AAA says the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the "Deadliest 100 Days" on the road for teen drivers.

According to AAA, one in 10 fatal car crashes involving teen drivers is speed related. Data also shows a 22 percent increase in the average number of nighttime crashes involving teen drivers during the 100 days.

For parents Jean Claude and Di Laurol, the numbers speak volumes as they try to figure out where they went wrong.

Their son Thaddeus was killed in a car crash on April 9.

Every spare moment they had, they say, they would take him out and teach him how to drive safely. When he made a mistake he was corrected.

"I thank god my son was alone in the car that he didn't collide with someone who had children in their cars it just would have meant more main grieving over their loved one," says Di.

The accident report from the Highway Patrol says he was going 75 miles per hour.

Witnesses said he was "swerving from lane to lane."

Thaddeus' Toyota Camry went left of center swerving into oncoming traffic. His car would smash into an SUV. The other driver suffered minor injuries.

Thaddeus was killed on US 23 in Orange Township. He would have graduated from high school Thursday. His parents say they told him don't speed, don't drive distracted, obey the rules of the road, but Thaddeus was a teenager and teenagers don't always listen to their parents.

"We always try and advise him to drive better to have respect for the road have to respect other drivers on the road," says his father.

These parents are sharing their story with the hope others will learn from their tragedy.

Their message: Never stop talking to your kids about safe driving

"The kids they have to listen to their parents there is wisdom, there is wisdom in what your parents got to tell you we don't want to spoil your fun but we want you to be safe when you are out there," says his mother.