92-year-old is skating through her golden years

Marylin House and Misha Sorochinsky

COLUMBUS -- Up and down two flights of stairs, Marylin House gets exercise just coming and going from her Columbus apartment.

She also takes time to relax. Bird watching is one of her favorite pastimes.

And she takes time reflecting on her nine decades of life, which include active teen years in California, when ice dancing brought her a junior national championship.

In the early 1960's Marilyn came to Columbus and participated in an ice show at Ohio State. Afterward, she was asked if she would teach figure skating.

She did that for the next 25 years, even writing a book on her sport that she used as a textbook.

Marylin manages to stay active and remains passionate about the sport she loves.

She still laces up her own skates and hits the ice regularly.

And she'll be 92 years old in a few weeks.

She feels very fortunate to have lived a long life.

"Most people are very happy when they're in a rink," Marylin says.

Count her among them.

And she still has a coach. Misha Sorochinsky takes the lead as coach and current ice dance partner.

Through back surgeries and both hips replaced, one of them twice, Marylin she still has goals, saying:

"As I get stronger on my feet, I probably will skate three, four, maybe five times a week. It's good to do it every day."

She appreciates the beauty of life and she definitely finds beauty in skating.

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