81-year-old swims laps daily at Pickaway County Family YMCA


CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio -- Most people learn to swim when they’re a kid but not this Pickaway County woman. It took her 78 years.

Olga Sherman is living proof that you’re never too old to learn something new.

“I’m the slowest one here but I get there,” Sherman said.

She’s 81 years-old and learned how to swim only three years ago.

“I had a pool for 14 years and never learned how to swim," Sherman said. "We just played volleyball in the pool.”

Olga swims laps at the Pickaway County Family YMCA five days a week and plays volleyball. But that took some time. Olga didn’t like putting her face in the water.

“I love the water I just don’t like to put my face in it," Sherman said.

She even had her own pool.

“I always wanted to swim but I never had the opportunity," Sherman said. "Well, I had the opportunity, I had my own pool but I didn’t know how to teach myself.”

That’s where Chris Tamasovich with the YMCA comes in. He helped Olga take the plunge.

“We’d say, ‘we will give you ten dollars if you go ahead and put your face in the water,’" Tamasovich said. "And she didn’t want to lose a “ten dollars” so that was her incentive to go ahead and put her face in the water by the end of the class.”

She now loves swimming so much, she can’t keep away from it.

“The Y is my social life, my physicalness,” Sherman said.

She even suffered a stroke in December but that didn’t stop her.

“That was on Tuesday," Sherman said. "I was in the hospital Tuesday and Wednesday but I was back here Monday.”

She says the more active you are, the quicker you heal.

“And whatever your limit is, if you can only swim down once and you can’t come back, then don’t come back until another time,” Sherman said.

“Take that first step. Keep going,” Sherman said.

And get your face wet.

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