6 years after tragic loss, Dom Tiberi has shared Maria’s Message with over 100,000 kids


Tuesday marks six years since Dom Tiberi's daughter Maria was killed in an auto accident.

While police said Maria's phone was locked in her purse, it is believed that something distracted her and caused her to crash while she was driving.

Since that time, Dom and the Tiberi family have made it their mission to put an end to distracted driving.

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With the creation of Maria’s Message, Dom has spoken at 114 high schools and to over 100,000 kids.

He has also taken the message to several major companies including Nationwide, AEP and Columbia Gas to just name a few.

Additionally, the Tiberi family has provided free defensive driving class for the last six summers with roughly 1,800 kids taking the course.

The Maria Tiberi Foundation has also purchased 44 driving simulators and placed them with police departments around the state.

“The pain of losing Maria really never ends but we have learned to live with it. While I would do anything to have Maria back, I am also very proud of what we have accomplished over the last 6 years,” Dom Tiberi said.

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