5 Simple Way To Lower Your Cell Phone Bill


If your cell phone bill is over $100, you’re not alone.  According to one survey that's average.  However, there are ways to cut your bill by using some simple tools that could help cut your cost.

While cell phone bills are climbing higher, there are ways to cut your costs.  It just takes a little bit of research and choosing some options that you may not have heard of.


Don’t Be A Data Hog

When you download movies, send photos, stream music, watch videos or television shows, you consume lots of data.  Before you buy a plan, know your data usage.  AT&T spokesperson Holly Hollingsworth says don’t buy more than you need, but don't buy less than you need either.

AT&T sells data in buckets.  If you aggregate them all together and pull all the devices for a family together in one bucket of data, you could also save your money.


Wi-Fi Is Your Friend

Streaming videos or browsing the web eats up a lot of data.  Log on to a secure Wi-Fi network to avoid using your data.  Many locations offer free Wi-Fi.  Buying an unlimited data plan eliminates the worry, but it costs more.


Close Those Apps!

Once you're finished using a website or app, close it! Websites and applications that update constantly - like weather pages - will drain your data if you leave them open.


Don’t Rent, Own

Owning your cell phone can also you reduce your bill.  Two year contracts cost customers more than the phone is worth, and getting out of the contract is expensive.  Right now, you will pay nearly $700 for an iPhone 6S,  but you'll save money when you own it.


Think Small

When it comes to calling plans, some of the least expensive don't come from the major carriers.   Net10, Republic Wireless, Straightalk, and Consumer Cellular allow unlimited talk, text, and data plans as low as $35 dollars a month.  These are no contracts involved, and these carriers piggy back off the big phone companies for service.

One of the best deals for a single-line and at least three gigabytes of data per month is a pre-paid plan through Walmart with Straight Talk Wireless. It offers unlimited talk and text with five gigabytes of data per month for $45.