40 car break-ins in one night south of Ohio State campus, police say


COLUMBUS -- Columbus police are investigating dozens of vehicle smash and grabs in the off-campus neighborhoods just east of Ohio State University.

In the 200 block of West 9th Avenue, Christina Yamarick said she and her sister were heading out Saturday morning when they discovered the damage.

"We walked out and we see cops, and everyone is out with their cars, and every window was shattered," said Yamarick.

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She hoped her own car hadn't become a target, but said the driver's side window was smashed and the vehicle was ransacked.

"There was just glass absolutely everywhere. They just took everything out. It must have been so quick, and they were probably looking for any money," said Yamarick.

CrimeTracker 10 obtained Columbus police reports which revealed thieves bashed out windows to an estimated 40 vehicles in off-campus neighborhoods including west 9th Avenue, north 4th street, and the 14-hundred block of North High Street.

The smash and grabs happened overnight on both Friday and Saturday. Yamarick said it was clear the thieves made their way from vehicle to vehicle.

"Every spot..there were just piles of glass on the ground at every parking spot," said Yamarick.

Police reports revealed the thief or thieves, did make off with some valuables including an iPod and a pair of designer sunglasses, but in many cas,es the crooks got away with nothing but loose change.

Students said the damage to their vehicles will cost hundreds of dollars out of pocket. Yamarick said she did everything she could to 'thief-proof' her car by removing valuables and locking her doors.

"Still not safe," she said shaking her head, "even if you have nothing in your car ."

Police said If you notice anyone lurking in a parking lot, peering into cars, or trying door handles, report your suspicions to law enforcement right away.

If you have information that can help police, you're asked to call (614) 645-4545.

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