4 Olentangy students sentenced for body-fluid assault on teachers

Four Olentangy students sentenced for body-fluid assault on teachers
Tainted Food Assault 11pm

DELAWARE COUNTY, Ohio — Four students charged in a plot to contaminate their teachers' food admitted their guilt and were sentenced Friday.

On Monday, two students admitted guilt and were sentenced.

In all, eight students from Olentangy Hyatts Middle School were criminally charged in the case, in which students put semen and urine on food they served to their teachers.

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The incident happened in May during a student cooking contest judged by teachers.

On Friday, the students, their parents and the teachers they assaulted in such an upsetting, personal way spoke publicly for the first time.

Four teachers spoke emotionally about how this assault impacted them.

"You stood there as you fed me your classmates urine. You looked at me with a smile, as you told me, you made it yourself. You watched me eat it and then you let your classmates know what you did," said one teacher. "I cried in front of my own children at the thought of my students treating me this way."

"Never in my worst nightmare did I imagine that students would make me feel so violated and disrespected," cried a second teacher. "In that moment, maybe you were thinking about praise from your peers, or high-fives, or a good laugh, or possibly pride that you had fooled us, or maybe excitement because you'd gotten away with it. But in that moment, did you think about ruining my passion for teaching?"

"Your prank has me thinking every single day, what else is out there?" said a third teacher through tears. "I pour my heart and my soul into my job year after year and this is what I get in return. Is there something out there where I can feel respected and that doesn't leave me feeling so broken? I hope you got what you wanted that day. Did you get the attention you wanted? Did you get those likes? Because we surely did not get anything that we bargained for. And we will have to live with this for the rest of our careers."

"As I drove to the emergency room to be tested for STD's and trying to explain and make sense of this horrific situation, I remember feeling foolish embarrassed and ultimately humiliated," said a fourth teacher.

Parents of the boys broke down as they apologized to the teachers.

"We are deeply, deeply disappointed in the actions of our son," cried one mother. "You did not deserve for this to happen."

"This is not how we parent our son," said one father through tears. "He is our son. We love him very much. In no way do we condone his actions."

"What these boys did was deplorable," said a second father. "This has brought a tremendous amount of shame on our family."

Four of the teens responsible admitted their guilt, and turned to face the teachers they violated.

"I'm so sorry," cried a 14-year-old student. "I didn't want anybody hurt. I just froze. And I hope this makes me a better person."

"I'm so sorry," sobbed a 15-year-old student. "This is a dumb prank that I never thought through all the way."

"I hope you can forgive me one day, from your heart," said a 14-year-old defendant through tears. "I am so sorry."

Then the judge had his say.

"We gotta stop calling this thing a prank. I heard that word an awful lot today. This isn't a prank — it's an assault," Judge David Hejmanowski said. "There are severe consequences, not only for engaging, not only for planning this behavior, and starting it, but also for going along with it. If you and your friends are so interested in urine you can spend the next several months cleaning bathrooms."

In addition to 100 hours of community service, cleaning bathrooms in public parks, Hejmanowski's sentence included:

  • 30 days in a juvenile detention facility for one teen convicted of assault on a teacher, and one convicted of complicity to assault.
  • Two others convicted of complicity were given 20 days in juvenile detention.
  • All four teens will undergo psychological evaluations, and write apology letters to the victims.

Two other defendants in this case have denied the charges against them.

They will be back in court next month.

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