2nd lawsuit filed after Mount Carmel Grove City Legionella outbreak


COLUMBUS, Ohio — A second lawsuit has been filed — and a third is pending — after a recent Legionella bacteria outbreak at Mount Carmel Grove City hospital.

In the latest complaint filed this morning, attorney David Shroyer alleges this his client, Anna Hillis, was visiting a patient at Mount Carmel Grove City between May 14 and May 16. It’s believed she contracted the Legionella bacteria while visiting him.

“I was shocked. I wasn't sure how serious it really was until they started talking about it,” Anna Hillis told reporters Friday.

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As 10 Investigates first reported Thursday, the hospital says it neglected to adequately disinfect and test its water supply in the newly-constructed Mount Carmel Grove City. The hospital was supposed to open in February but construction issues caused a delay.

Hospital president Sean McKibben told 10 Investigates Thursday that floors that were disinfected and treated in February were not re-tested again in April when the hospital opened.

The hospital’s hot water supply is being blamed as the source of the outbreak. The hospital says it first learned of a concern about Legionella on May 15 but additional testing was needed to confirm the probable cases of Legionella. The hospital now says its water supply is safe after installing a permanent disinfection unit.

The outbreak infected 16 people including patients, visitors and employees and is linked to one death.
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