22-Year-Old Is Ohio's Youngest Lawmaker


The youngest lawmaker in Ohio is a 22-year-old woman who got her passion for politics from her father.

Christina Hagan is a high school tennis coach, amateur baseball player, restaurant server and a state representative, 10TV's Andrea Cambern reported Monday.

Hagan was appointed in March to fill an unexpired term.  She is also a senior at Malone University, studying business and political science.

"It's certainly an interesting position to be young in the legislature, but even more interesting to be a young female," Hagan said.

The young Republican became interested in law from her father, John, who also was a lawmaker.

"He actually served just two floors below this in the same office," Hagan said.

She said that the job is about helping people. She spends hours in her office at work on bills, and solving constituents' problems. She said she continues to be mistaken for an aide.

She told the story of a colleague, who shook her hand when she was sworn in, then a month later, talked politics when he met her by the elevator. As they rode up, he complimented her on her brains and told her to keep working, and said that she would replace her boss some day.

He told her if she worked hard she could be a state representative, she responded, "Sir, I am a state representative."

Hagan is from Stark County, and said she learned that you have to have confidence in your ability and be tough enough to follow through.

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