2018 could end up in the record books when it comes to precipitation


There's no way to sugarcoat it: 2018 has been a wet year. So far we've gotten 43.31 inches of precipitation out at the John Glenn Columbus International Airport which is where the climate records are kept.

That's more than a foot of surplus for the year. If we got no more rain for the rest of 2018 we'd still be more than six inches above average for a typical year.

This is only the third time in recorded history that we've had this much year-to-date precipitation in Columbus.

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The last time the rain gauges were this full on October 1 was 128 years ago in 1890. That year we'd gotten 43.56" by this time in the year.

The most rain we've ever seen during the first ten months of the year is 44.55" back in 1882.

What's interesting is that both 1882 and 1890 ended up in the top five wettest years in Columbus' history coming in at third and fourth respectively.

After one of the wettest Septembers on record, the rain forecast in October is hinting at above average conditions.

There aren't any overwhelming climatological factors that point to the rest of the year being wetter or drier-than-average but a lot can change over the next three months.

One thing is certain: if history is any guide 2018 could end up being one of the wetter years in central Ohio.