17 Wolf-Hybrid Dogs Euthanized At Sanctuary


The Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office said Monday that they expected to file dozens of charges against the owner of a wolf sanctuary.

Kissy Moore, Guernsey County Dog Warden, said that17 wolf-dog hybrids at the sanctuary were put down following her recommendation and that of two veterinarians, 10TV’s Ashleigh Barry reported.

According to court documents, Moore said that while the wolf-dog hybrids did not pose a threat to the public, there was a “grave danger” to those who were caring for the animals.

On Friday, April 13, a Guernsey County judge ordered the sheriff’s office to assist in euthanizing the 17 wolf-dog hybrids.

Neighbor Larry Bethel said that when he heard that the owners of the animal sanctuary in Lore City were accused of abandoning the hybrids, he was concerned.

“I went up there and checked on them and couldn’t believe they left them,” Bethel said. “They didn’t have any water or food up there.”

Bethel said that other neighbors assured him that the owners of the animal sanctuary would be back, but he said he knew something was not right when days turned into weeks, Barry reported.

“That bothered me a little bit, so I went up there and saw that there wasn’t any water up there and all their bellies were cut trying to get water in the containers,” Bethel said.

Bethel said that he immediately called the dog warden, who responded.

Neighbor Trenda Bethel said that she heard the shots of the euthanization.

“We just kept hearing gun shots go off, and there was 15 or 16 that went off,” Trenda Bethel said.

Sheriff’s deputies said that about a dozen other wolf-dog hybrids were healthy and were being cared for by the county warden, Barry reported.

The owners of the sanctuary did not immediately respond to 10TV News’ request for an interview.

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