16 Charged As Part Of Drug Crackdown Around Ohio State University


The Franklin County Sheriff's Office said on Friday that 16 people have been charged and 25 undercover narcotics buys were conducted as part of a campus-area drug crackdown.

According to the sheriff's office, detectives from the Franklin County Drug Task Force and the Ohio State University Police Department met about a year ago to talk about drug trafficking around Ohio State University.

The investigation resulted in 13 people charged with felony drug counts and three others arrested.

Drugs purchased during the investigation were marijuana, LSD, Ecstasy (Molly), 4-MEC (a bath salts analogue), oxycodone, cocaine and mushrooms.

Officials said the value of the drugs seized totaled more than $13,000.

Detectives also found that a drug called "synthetic molly," which is known on the streets as Ecstasy, actually contained bath salts.

Officials said they didn't know how many students ingested the bath salts, thinking they were taking Ecstasy

UPDATE: 10TV News released the names of those charged in connection with the drugs but removed the names after officials asked 10TV News not to report the names because not all the people charged have been arrested.

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