150 Ohio Schools Out Of Compliance With Safety Information


State law requires schools to turn in safety blueprints to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.
According to Attorney General Mike DeWine, more than 150 schools are out of compliance with the law. There are no penalties for schools that do not submit their safety information.
DeWine said that prevention is on the top of his safety list.
“Law enforcement does not have access to this information,” DeWine said. “Fire and rescue do not have access to this information.”
Representatives from more than 250 Ohio schools and communities gathered at the state’s first safe schools summit to compare best practices regarding school safety on and off of school grounds.
“The theater shooting, stuff like that can happen in our schools,” said New Albany Police Officer Kevin Deckop. “Chardon just happened. It was not that long ago, and as unfortunate as that is, that’s something that can happen anywhere. It’s not if it’s going to happen, it’s when it’s going to happen.”
Administrators from Chardon High School attended the summit in support and to provide an example of a school that has been through every phase of tragedy.
“People are taking a look at what they have in place and saying, ‘Is this the best way to do this?’ or ‘We have to go back and tweak this one a little bit’ or continue with what we have in place,” said Dan Donovan of the Upper Arlington City School District.
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