15-Year-Old Pleads Guilty To Attempted Abductions Of Two Women In Pickerington


A Fairfield County teenager is admitting guilt after two women were victimized at their own homes.   The women were grabbed by the teen in the Violet Meadows subdivision in Pickerington.  

A guilty plea was made Friday by a 15-year-old Pickerington student Myron Welch, who was accused of abducting two women several months ago.

In court on Friday, Welch made his guilty plea as part of a plea bargain with prosecutors that dropped kidnapping charges.   Welch pleaded guilty to two counts of abduction.

The charges stem from two separate incidents where prosecutors say Welch grabbed a woman outside her home in July, in addition to a separate incident, where he grabbed another woman in September.  

In both cases, the women got away and Welch ran from the scene.   However, in one instance, an image was captured by surveillance that shows someone leaving the area following the attempted abduction. 

Welch described in court his actions, saying when he grabbed the women, the victims squirmed, and he ran away.   That was enough for the judge to accept his guilty plea.

A pre-sentencing investigation will take place in the future.   At that point, Myron could be sentenced to serve time with the Department of Youth Services.