Loaded gun found at Westerville North High School after father reports own son


WESTERVILLE, Ohio -- A student was found with a loaded gun at a Westerville School on Thursday, according to Westerville police.

The person who did the right thing and reported him- the boy's father.

The gun was reported and discovered at the start of the school day Thursday morning at Westerville North High School.

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It started with a call to the school from the parent of a 9th-grade student.

"The parent was expressing concern about his son," said Greg Viebranz of Westerville City School District. "And one of those concerns was that he may be in possession of a weapon."

School administrators, and Westerville Police School Resource Officers, located the student in a classroom, removed him and found the father's fears were legitimate.

"School Resource Officer Adam Dross confiscated a loaded small-caliber handgun," Viebranz said.

The gun was in the 14-year-old student's pants. Where he got it, and his plans for it, are still unknown.

"Our investigation so far has turned up no threats over social media, no kind of hit list like we've heard of in the past," said Westerville Police Chief Charles Chandler. "We've been able to uncover no type of specific threats against any students or against the school."

Chandler says there's no indication the student had any plans to use the gun.

But that doesn't mean the 14-year-old isn't facing serious consequences. Thursday he was charged with two felonies, and faces expulsion from school.

"The parent, knowing there would be consequences for the child, was willing to put the safety of the school and the safety of the students in front of that and realize this could be a dangerous situation. That's what we need in these situations," Chandler said. "There are going to be consequences. But think about the consequences if you don't take an action. And this father had the courage to take that action. So kudos to him."

Thursday night the student was in custody, charged with carrying a concealed weapon and conveyance of a firearm on school property.

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