11-year-old accused of creating "hit list" of students, teachers at Pickerington school


An 11-year-old is accused of creating a hit list of classmates and teachers he wanted to kill.

It happened at Toll Gate Middle School in Pickerington Tuesday.

Students at the school became aware of the so-called "hit list" Tuesday and did the right thing, bringing it to the attention of administrators.

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"It's the 'see something, say something' kind of mindset. That was successful in this instance," said Fairfield County Chief Deputy Alex Lape.

When questioned by his principal, the 11-year-old told her "he made up the hit list (Monday night) while he was at home, and proceeded to give (her) a red notebook with the names of twenty students that went to Toll Gate Middle School and two teachers."

When asked why he made the list, the boy told the principal "that most of them just bug him."

The Fairfield County Sheriff's Office says the child had no access to weapons, but that this threat was taken seriously.

"Not since Columbine occurred has this been taken lightly," Lape said. "We take each incident like this seriously. We investigate it and do the most thorough job we can to make sure the appropriate action is taken."

Parents were alerted and the child was removed from the school, and taken for a mental health evaluation.

The mother of one of the students named on the hit list says "My daughter is scared to go to school. She's scared to let out our dog because she's scared someone will be out there."

School officials say federal privacy laws prevent them from discussing any student's discipline.

But this mother says "we have a right to know what's happening. My daughter is not going to feel safe if he's allowed back at school. Being killed in school is a real threat. Children being murdered at school is a real thing."

"I would say they need to trust in the fact that the school officials are trained in this, they know how to handle it," said Lape. "They do train for these type incidents, and we do the best we can to mitigate anything like that. So going forward, kind of put your faith in that."

Fairfield County Prosecutor Kyle Witt says he received the case Thursday morning and is evaluating the appropriate course of action, which he says "will almost certainly include court intervention."

He says the child's age is a factor, but not for the mother who spoke to 10TV.​ She says she wants to see him prosecuted.