10-Year-Old Boy Killed In Shooting While Playing In Garage


A Morrow County family and school community are devastated, after a 10 year old died in an accidental shooting.

It happened Thursday night at the boy’s home in Marengo.

It is a tragedy that has affected everyone involved, from law enforcement to educators.

But no one more than the family of 10-year-old Dalton Taylor.

"(His) father was out in the backyard with a brother of the child,” said Morrow County Sheriff Steve Brenneman. “They were working on a fence in the backyard. They heard a gunshot, ran up, and found him in the garage."

Brenneman said Dalton and his siblings were playing in the garage when they found their father's 12 gauge shotgun.
"It's pretty apparent right now that Dalton did not discharge the weapon himself,” the Sheriff said. “Just exactly how it happened- what happened, we're not sure yet."
Dalton was a fourth-grader at Highland Elementary School in Sparta.

District officials brought in grief counselors to help his teachers and classmates.

"Today has been extremely difficult. Extremely difficult,” said Superintendent Bill Dodds. “Everyone is very, very sad. But being together I think was very important today."

Dodds said he knows Dalton's family well.

"Great kid. Very active. Typical little boy that just loves life. Just a great kid from a great family."

Lesson plans were set aside, replaced by heartbreaking questions with no simple answers.

"Today was a day to focus on taking care of kids. If any instruction took place, okay,” said Dodds         

Investigators call what happened a tragic accident that left a family changed forever.

"Continue to pray for them. They've asked for prayers," said Dodds.

Investigators are not saying the age of the child who had the gun at the time of the shooting.

The Sheriff says it is unlikely anyone will face charges.

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