10 Investigates Tests Columbus Yellow Lights Times At Intersections With Cameras


More and more intersections around Columbus are equipped with red light cameras that track drivers. If they snap a photo of your license plate as you run a red light, you’ll get a ticket.

But some drivers wonder if the yellow lights at the intersections are long enough.

“Definitely not,” said Misty Lamb.

“It does feel like it is not,” said Bret Mayne.

In New York, some drivers feel the same way.

A class action lawsuit claims New York City's yellow lights are too short, about half a second shorter than the three seconds federal guidelines suggest.

An attorney for one man who is part of the lawsuit said it is all about the $47 million that New York raked in for tickets last year. He said officials have a great incentive to shorten the yellow lights.

10 Investigates has learned that Columbus pulled down a million dollars in red light revenues for the first time last year.

WBNS-10TV took a stop watch out to check if Columbus lights were properly timed.

The first check was a light at Hard and Sawmill Roads. The yellow light passed the test, lasting 4.53 seconds.

In fact, three intersections tested by 10 Investigates passed the three second test.

Some local drivers said they were shocked.

The city of Columbus sent 10 Investigates a statewide study that shows the red light cameras are effective in terms of safety.

The study shows Columbus red light cameras led to a drop in t-bone type crashes of about 74 percent.

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