10 Investigates: Inspector’s Report Confirms Toddler Fight Video


Family Services inspectors came the morning after 10 Investigates first showed video of a toddler fight last Tuesday. It happened at Stepping Stone Daycare on Freeway Drive North in north Columbus. State Inspectors validated what the video we revealed last week appeared to show: Two dare care employees "provoking" a fight between two toddlers in their care.

Family services released their latest inspection report of Stepping Stones Day Care. They made an unannounced inspection the morning after 10 Investigates first brought you this video.

The state inspection flags two employees for using their phones instead of stopping the toddler fight. Inspectors also say they found a bottle of bleach within reach of kids. This was the second time they found bleach accessible to kids - the first time was late July.

The attorney for Stepping Stones Day Care says they are fully cooperating with state inspectors. They add they had weekend training sessions for their employees and locked away the bleach container as demanded by the latest inspection.

Columbus City prosecutor’s office says they are just one step away from deciding whether to press criminal charges on the video. A prosecutor tells 10 investigates he just has one more witness statement to take before making that decision he expects it by the end of the week.