10 Investigates Exposes Corruption With 2012 Reports


Reynoldsburg Affair

In 2012, 10 Investigates turned its spotlight to the Reynoldsburg Police Department. 

10TV exposed a police officer involved in an affair with a woman who was a suspected drunk driver and pulled over with a loaded gun after she threatened other officers that same evening.

Our investigation exposed the police department putting the public and other police at risk. It led to an immediate investigation, and ultimately, the resignation of the Reynoldsburg Police Chief.

Daycare Investigation

The law caught up to daycare provider Jazmin Rodriguez-Demota following our investigation that exposed her.

Based on the 10 Investigates findings, Sheriff Zach Scott charged Rodriguez-Demota with felonies for billing the state thousands of dollars to watch kids even though few, if any, showed during our investigation.

"She's just stealing. She's stealing from the state," said Scott.

Delaware County Sheriff

10 Investigates also exposed the Delaware County sheriff. Our investigation proved Sheriff Walter Davis III was using county money during his apparent affair with a deputy while the two were at an out of state hotel.

10 Investigates pulled the receipts for a series of trips Davis took over the summer. At least one of those includes costs for an apparent rendezvous.

 Davis tried to avoid questions. But within days, his own political party pushed him to resign. Davis blamed the media.

"It's a complete distraction. Our people can't do what they're supposed to because of the media frenzy," said Davis.

Deputy Investigation

10 Investigates also exposed another issue at the Delaware County Sheriff's office: dereliction of duty with shades of racism. Two deputies and a state patrol officer responded to reports that Uriel Juarez-Popoca was driving drunk.

After finding his truck stuck on a highway barrier, they dropped him off at Taco Bell rather than take him to jail. Minutes later, he walked into traffic where he was struck and killed by a driver.

10 Investigates had to hire attorneys and threaten to sue to get police video of the incident. It revealed bickering about who should have to deal with the case and the officers joking that Taco Bell would have a translator for the undocumented immigrant.

"Yeah, we're going to drop him off at Taco Bell. I figure they will have an interpreter there. There you go," could be heard on the 911 recording.

All of the officers involved were later convicted of crimes.

School Board Contract

 As 2012 started to wind down, our investigations didn't slow down.

In December, we exposed Columbus City School Board member Hanifah Kambon--her husband's business called Visionary Leaders Institute-- has been getting contracts from the district, possibly in violation of the law.

Kambon denies wrongdoing, but won't go on camera.

That won't stop 10 Investigates. As we move into 2013, we'll keep asking the hard questions and digging for the truth.