1 week after tragedy, Dayton community fosters resilience through support

People continue to show support for Dayton and family members of the victims.

It's been a week since nine people lost their lives in the Oregon District. Sunday, people continue to add on to the memorial, paying their respects.

All day people from the community, strangers and family members of the victims came to look at the growing memorial. Many said it's hard to put into words how they are feeling, just seven days after the shooting.

Natalie Phillips who was born and raised in Dayton, said everyone here is like family.

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"We're all friends, this is where we live where we work where we spend our time," Phillips said.

She said she is friends with many of the workers from Ned Peppers Bar who were there the night of the shooting. She got chocked up describing what it's like to see people supporting Dayton and supporting the family members of the victims.

"it just shows humanity," Phillips said.

Flowers, candles, many inspirational phrases written in chalk and uplifting posted notes can be seen all along East 5th Street.

A lot of people here today are still trying to process why this would happen.

"I don't have an answer and honestly I don't think we're close to having an answer, the only thing we can do is come together unfortunately this is a little too late," Chico Grajeda said.

David Partridge said he knew the gunman and told us ten years ago didn't have many good memories interacting with him.

He said he isn't surprised he would do something like this, but Partridge said the shooting should have never happened.

"It's a really difficult thing what happened and things like this keep happening all over the country and I just hate seeing people get hurt I hate seeing people commit these atrocities and its just a terrible thing to happen," Partridge said.

Although there is an immense amount of support pouring into the area, many people we spoke to said healing is going to take time. They said for some of the family members, they want them to know they are standing behind them and they support them.

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