COLUMBUS, Ohio — High gas prices have us looking to get every mile out of our cars. From more frequent oil changes, to checking tire pressure and cleaning out extra weight in the trunk in an effort to make every drop count.

Drivers most likely don’t look at the actual gas pumps to make sure the right amount of gas is dispensed for every dollar put in. 

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The Franklin County Weights and Measures team is tasked with inspecting and testing more than 10,000 pumps. They can check two to three gas stations a day and, depending on the weather, up to 30 pumps.

Credit: WBNS 10TV

“At the Auditor's Office, consumer protection is a priority and so we do hear from folks that are concerned, maybe they felt that they paid a different price than what was listed or they're having problems with their gas,” said Auditor Michael Stinziano. “We always have concerns or issues that do pop-up with scales, it takes time, meters get off. That's why our consumer protection program and our Weights and Measures team is so important.”

They check for pump accuracy, but also sweep for credit card skimmers. Stinziano says it is not an issue in the Columbus-area because gas pump technology has progressed.

“We do think the enhancements make it worth it and why we haven't seen a lot of skimmers throughout Franklin County," said Stinziano. “By having the chip reader, it makes the technology a lot harder to override… we will continue to do our sweeps and make sure we're protecting consumer issues.”

To contact the Franklin County Auditor’s Office, call 614-525-HOME (4663). Stinziano says the Weights and Measures team can respond to a gas pump within 24-hours during business hours.

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